Little About Compsys

Compsys was founded in 1992 by Robert Williams. Robert had a vision of a full service IT company that put its customers first. Compsys originated from a humble beginning, Robert ran the company from the confines of his home. As Compsys grew, he soon ran out of space at home and opened a small office in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Compsys has been growing ever since.

At Compsys we operate under the philosophy that our customers are more than just customers, they are our friends. We work hard to develop and cultivate relationships with our clients and always strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Compsys is the best option for outsourcing your IT because we go the extra mile for our clients while remaining very competitive with our prices. We treat our customers as we ourselves would want to be treated. We have experienced technicians that work for you with a smile. We have same day response time no matter how big or small your IT needs are. We have clients across a wide spectrum of industries, such as law practices, medical facilities, state and local governments, advertising firms, accounting firms, mortgage companies, banks and so many more. We will work with you and tailor a solution to best fit your needs. Not every company needs the same solution and we understand that. We will act as your CIO (chief information officer) if you wish. We will be glad to hold consultations to determine best business practices from an IT standpoint.