Cloud Desktop & Application Virtualization

With our Citrix products, your business is borderless. Give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting your IT costs.

Utilizing our Citrix platform you can deliver full desktops to your employees where you can share applications, data, and have an identical setup as if you were using local non-cloud based computers. You can also limit your employees to have the ability to launch only certain applications instead of using a full desktop.

  • Mobile device access to desktops and applications
  • Access your resources utilizing our secure gateway
  • Deliver full desktops or just applications
  • Control your users from our custom control panel
  • Adjust graphics to support low latency / speed connections
  • Fully managed by Compsys. You never have to worry about a thing!

Prefer Remote Desktop instead of Citrix?

Have you had bad experiences with Citrix in the past? Not to worry! We can tailor a custom solution to your business and utilize Microsoft’s Remote Desktop connection instead.

  • Have your own external IP address
  • Choose to let Compsys manage the server or manage it yourself
  • Access your server from PC or Mac